Hitachi (HGST) 1TB 7200rpm Laptop Sata Hard Disk 2.5" With 3 yr.Waranty


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The HGST Travelstar 7K1000 is a 1TB, 7,200RPM HDD that comes in a 2.5", 9.5mm form factor and interfaces over SATA 6Gb/s. The Travelstar 7K1000 is fairly unique in the space. Many drives are migrating to slimmer z-Heights at 7mm or even 5mm to meet the needs of space-constrained applications such as upgrading HDDs in ultrabooks. However, the 7K1000's target is a larger market - consumers that require robust capacity in their notebook computer or small form factor desktop at an economical price. Matching well with notebooks, the drive also features low power consumption and the highest shock tolerance in the industry. The 7K1000 also leverages Advanced Format which increased the physical sector size from 512 to 4096 bytes (4k). This helps to improve capacity and error correction capabilities.

HGST has not only chosen to stick with the 9.5mm z-Height in order to provide a maximum capacity of 1TB, but they are also maintaining a spindle speed of 7,200RPM in their seventh-generation drive. This marks a divergence; where other HDD manufacturers are starting to or already have swapped out their 7,200RPM drives for 5,400RPM models for the gained benefits of lowered power and noise, HGST is continuing to implement the 7,200RPM spin speed to target higher performance with the Travelstar 7K1000.

The HGST 7K1000 has a street price of $88.99.

HGST Travelstar 7K1000 HDD Specifications

  • Capacity: 1TB (HTS721010A9E630)
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Sector size (variable, Bytes/sector) 512e
  • Recording zones 30
  • Max areal density (Gbits/sq. in.) 676
  • Performance
    • 32MB data buffer
    • 7,200 RPM
    • Latency Average: 4.2ms
    • Media transfer rate (Mbits/sec, max): 1284
    • Seek time: Average (typical)ms(read): 12
    • Seek time: Track to track (typical)ms(read): 1
    • Seek time: Full Stroke (typical)ms(read): 20
  • Performance: Load/Unload Cycles 600,000
  • Power
    • Requirement: Start-up (W, peak, max) 5.5
    • Requirement: Read/Write (W, avg) 1.8
    • Requirement: Low power idle (W, avg) 0.8
    • Requirement: Standby (W, avg) 0.2
    • Dissipation: Seek (W, Avg) 2.1
    • Dissipation: Active Idle (W, Avg) 1.0
    • Performance Idle 1.7
    • Sleep (W) 0.1
  • Environmental
    • Operating temperature: 0° to 60°C
    • Non-operating temperature: -40° to 65°C
    • Operating Shock half-sine wave: 400G/2ms, 225G/1ms
    • Non-operating Shock half-sine wave: 1000G/1ms
    • Acoustics (dBA): Idle: 2.5, Seek: 2.7
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 70mm x 100mm x 9.5mm
  • Weight (max): 115g

Design and Build

The HGST Travelstar 7K1000 HDD has a simple, condensed design to fit the robust 1TB capacity into a 9.5mm form factor. The cover of the 7K1000 is silver, while the body is black and the underside is composed primarily of the circuit board. The cover features an HGST product information label that spreads nearly the entire width of the drive and includes information about the model, capacity, etc. The top cover is held on by six visible screws. The sides of the HGST Travelstar 7K1000 feature the four screw holes that enable simple, proper mounting. On the rear of the drive, we find the connectors for power and SATA.

Eight small screws affix the circuit board to the hard drive body securely. Underneath, there are thermal pads to keep the drive from overheating. The circuit board features a Marvell 88i9305 controller chip and 32MB of cache from the EtronTech DRAM. Internally, there are 2 platters at 500GB each for a total of 1TB in capacity.

Performance and Synthetic Benchmarks

When it comes to measuring performance of the HGST Travelstar 7K1000 the two categories of benchmarks that we commonly test all consumer HDDs and SSDs on show strengths in different areas. Our synthetic benchmarks are geared at showing the performance of the drive in an uncached "worst case" scenario, while our real-world traces allow the drive to cache data and better show how the drive would perform during repetitive day-to-day activities.






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